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Added by Deon M on 03 Mar 2021 at 17:41

Hi Andrew

Your YouTube videos already have tens of thousands of compliments, but I want to add that you are not only the best VBA or coding instructor, but simply the best teacher of ANY kind that I have ever seen. (I'm fifty and have 2 degrees.) The fact that you make this content freely availalble is mind boggling. Your videos have taken me from basically no coding experience to writing very complicated business-critical applications... and actually knowing 99% of what the code is doing. (It has also taken hundreds of hours of my life and wasted a year's worth of Netflix subscribtions!)

Your older videos on web scraping and the recent series on Selenium have been especially useful to me recently. I have a specific need to regularly synchronise / ftp a local folder/files to a web server and can't really find anything useful or recent on the topic. It appears that WinSCP (see https://winscp.net/eng/docs/library_vb) offers a useful dll that will allow extensive control of this. They also offer some VBA code examples on how to implement it...but, unfortunately, it is still a step too far for me.

I realise you must have a long list of topics, but perhaps control of this function / dll will be useful to many. There really is no other content around about this.


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