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Added by walteragwe on 20 Jan 2021 at 03:43

SELECT  cm.[CompanionId],[CompanionName]
FROM [dbo].[tblCompanion] AS cm left outer JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisodeCompanion] AS Ec
ON cm.CompanionId = Ec.CompanionId
(SELECT  cm.[CompanionId],[CompanionName]
FROM [dbo].[tblCompanion] AS cm inner JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisodeCompanion] AS Ec 
ON cm.CompanionId = Ec.CompanionId);

Added by walteragwe on 21 Jan 2021 at 02:47

SELECT [AuthorName], COUNT([EpisodeId]) AS [# OF EPISODES],
       MIN([EpisodeDate]) AS [Earliest epi Date],
       max([EpisodeDate]) as [latest epi Date]
FROM   [dbo].[tblAuthor] AS A INNER JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisode] AS E
       ON A.AuthorId = E.AuthorId
GROUP BY [AuthorName]
order by [# OF EPISODES] desc;

Added by walteragwe on 21 Jan 2021 at 03:09

SELECT [AuthorName],[DoctorName],COUNT([EpisodeId]) AS [No of episodes]
FROM   [dbo].[tblAuthor]  A INNER JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisode] E
ON   A.AuthorId = E.AuthorId INNER JOIN [dbo].[tblDoctor] D
ON   E.DoctorId = D.DoctorId
GROUP BY [AuthorName],[DoctorName]
HAVING COUNT([EpisodeId]) > 5
ORDER BY [No of episodes] DESC;