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How Stripe keeps your card details secret

So how can it be that when you make a payment on our website, the URL (the webpage address) doesn't change but all of your card information is only seen by Stripe?

The website address

The URL is still on the Wise Owl site, but we never see any of your card details.

The answer starts with the header of the webpage: 

Javascript call

The page loads a library of JavaScript code from the Stripe website.

If you look at the HTML for the page itself, you'll just see a place-holder for the card number, etc:

Card number

Stripe fill this element with their own separate IFrame tag in HTML.


In the website, a JavaScript call then fills this card element with Stripe's HTML:

Mounting an element

The IFrame from Stripe is injected into the appropriate element.

When you submit a payment, the page calls a Stripe routine to process it. 

For a longer (and more techie) explanation of what happens, see Stripe's website; or read this blog to find out what it was like incorporating Stripe into our website.

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