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Our policy for accepting posts on our website

We welcome most contributions to our discussion forum!  However, we may not publish contributions in certain categories, as shown below:

Category Notes
Link bait If you're posting for the primary purpose of creating a link back to your website, we'll politely decline to publish your comment.
Advertising Likewise, if your main reason for posting is (in our opinion) to promote a product or service, we're unlikely to publish your comment.
Feedback If you post just to thank us for creating a webpage, for example, your comment will get read (and you'll receive a reply), but to avoid cluttering our site we probably won't publish the comment .
Offensiveness If your comment contains material we judge to be offensive, we'll either censor it before publication or refuse to publish it.

Note that we reserve the right to edit your comments before publication. 

Finally, you are welcome to ask us to remove a comment at any time.  If it's been on our site for a while or forms the basis of a discussion, we'd prefer to leave it in place, but otherwise we'll usually remove it without any questions asked.

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