SSRS Reporting Services | Basic Custom Assemblies exercise | Use a custom assembly function to change colours

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Software ==> SSRS Reporting Services  (99 exercises)
Version ==> SSRS 2012 and later
Topic ==> Basic Custom Assemblies  (2 exercises)
Level ==> Average difficulty
Subject ==> SSRS training
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The aim of this exercise (which you can do using either VB or C#) is to change the fill colour of the rows of a table whenever the certificate changes:

Changing fill colour

Whenever the certificate changes, we swap colour.


To do this, create a report called Blue in parts, and within this create a basic table above.  Eventually you'll set the back colour of each row to be an expression similar to:


However, we have to write the BackColour function first!  To make a start on this, in your VB class create the following private variables and constants:

'the current certificate, whose name we are monitoring

Private Shared CurrentCertificate As String = ""

'whether to use the first colour or the second

Private Shared IfFirstColour As Boolean = True

'the two colours to use

Private Const FirstColour As String = "#FFEEFF"

Private Const SecondColour As String = "#EEFFEE"

Alternatively, if you're using C#:

// the current certificate, whose name we are monitoring

private static string CurrentCertificate = "";

// whether to use the first colour or the second

private static bool IfFirstColour = true;

// the two colours to use

private const string FirstColour = "#FFEEFF";

private const string SecondColour = "#EEFFEE";

Write a function called BackColour which spits out either the value of FirstColour or SecondColour, given a certificate name.

For each certificate you should compare its name to the one held in the variable CurrentCertificate.  If they're not the same, you should reset the value of the IfFirstColour flag, then reset CurrentCertificate to be the latest certificate name ready for the next call to the function.

When (if?) you've got all of this written and built, see if you can get your report working as shown at the start of this exercise!

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only.
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