Error Handling
Exercise 7.01

Exercise 7.01

The aim of this exercise is to prevent a run-time error message when the user cancels an input box.

Files Needed

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  1. Extract and open the Movie Picker.xlsm workbook.  Click the Pick Best Film button on the worksheet:
Movie picker

You can click the Pick Best Film or Pick Worst Film button to choose a film from the list.

  1. If you click Cancel on the input box which appears, you'll receive a run-time error message:

Clicking Cancel will cause a run-time error.

  1. Identify the line which caused the run-time error in the Pick_Best_Film subroutine.
Error line

Identify the offending line.

  1. Add an On Error statement which will cause the subroutine to exit if the user cancels the input box.
  2. Create a similar error handling system in the Pick_Worst_Film subroutine.
  3. Test that your error handling system works.
  4. Save and close the workbook.

Answer Files

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