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A list of one owl's 5 favourite system stored procedures in SQL!

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 February 2017

Everyone has a favourite system stored procedure (you do, don't you?). But five? That's the subject of this blog, anyway.

Tags:   SQL | Stored procedures

Output Parameters and Return Codes in SQL Server

Posted by Andrew Gould on 26 April 2013

This blog teaches you how to return values from your SQL stored procedures using two different techniques: return codes, and output parameters.

Tags:   SQL | Stored procedures    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Use SQL, parameters and bookmarks to create a grid of clickable links

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 August 2012

To make report navigation easier, you can create a 2-dimensional matrix of clickable links at the top of a report. This blog shows you how!

Tags:   SSRS | Matrices    |    SQL | Stored procedures    |    T-SQL | Other

SQL stored procedures and passing parameters

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 May 2012

Stored procedures are programs in SQL which allow you to pass parameters to queries and manipulate sets of rows in tables. Find out how to write them with this online training blog!

Tags:   SQL | Stored procedures    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Free SQL training

Posted by Andrew Gould on 13 February 2012

This article provides a comprehensive tutorial in Microsoft SQL Server, taking you from the basics of writing SELECT statements all the way through to creating complex stored procedures.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data    |    SQL | WHERE criteria    |    SQL | Calculations    |    SQL | Joins    |    SQL | Grouping    |    SQL | Stored procedures    |    SQL | Transactions    |    SQL | CTEs, subqueries    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial
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