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How to get Excel to speak to you in a female voice, or slower/faster!
A previous blog showed how to get Excel to speak to you; this one shows how to change the voice in which it does it!

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 August 2013

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Changing Excel's voice when speaking cells

Following my previous blog on getting Excel to speak to you, I've just discovered that you can also change the voice used!  On my computer, I can choose from:

Person Comments
Michael The Stephen Hawking default voice!
Michelle Michelle sounds weirdly like the woman's voice from the computer game Portal.  A bit robotic for me.
Anna A laid-back, American drawl, but the only voice which sounds like a real person.

You can also change the default speed at which each voice speaks, from slurred Slow to Pinky-and-Perky Fast.

Here's how to do this on Windows 7 (the settings depend on your operating system, not on your version of Excel).  First, go into the Speech Recognition dialog box:

Speech recognition settings

In your control panel, select Speech Recognition.

You can now choose who you want to speak, and at what speed:

Choosing a voice

Here I've gone for Michael at Normal speed (the default).

Great fun for a quiet hour after lunch!  Just one of the many Excel training and VBA training resources on offer on this website ...

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