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How to get Excel to speak to you - reading out the contents of cells
Part one of a three-part series of blogs

Deep within its bowels Excel contains a feature allowing it to read out the contents of cells (you can also get your VBA macros to talk to users). This blog goes to those deep places hidden within Excel!

  1. Getting Excel to answer back! (this blog)
  2. Getting Excel to read out cell contents
  3. Getting Excel VBA to speak to you

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 August 2013

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Getting Excel to answer back!

Have you ever felt your relationship with Excel was a little ... one-sided?  This blog explains how you can get Excel to speak back to you either within a workbook or by using VBA.

A follow-up to this blog shows how you can change the voice used to speak!

First I'll show how to get this to work in Excel, then look at the VBA version.

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