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Ideas for future Power BI / Tableau comparisons
Following last month's high-level comparison between Power BI and Tableau, what aspect of these two popular BI software tools would you like us to focus on next?

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 June 2022

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Ideas for future Power BI / Tableau comparisons

Last month I got together with Steve Adams of Viz DJ to produce a high-level comparison of Tableau and Power BI

Power BI vs Tableau

The showdown!

 This proved popular, so I thought I'd ask what you'd like to see next.  Here are some ideas:

Area Notes
Data modelling A comparison of how you can create ad hoc relationships between tables, hide fields and change default options to produce data models.
Range of visuals A comparison of the range of visuals available in each application, including what custom visuals can be used.
Drill-down Visual interactions, drill-down, report tooltips and other methods of showing the dependency between different datasets.
Automating reports Using bookmarks and action buttons to make reports easier to navigate for a user.
Publishing A comparison of publishing reports, including the features included when administering reports in the cloud.
Costs The different cost plans for using Power BI and Tableau.
Add-ins and links How each software application links to other programs, including Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

The above list is by no means exclusive, but is just to give you ideas for what to request.  Please let us know which comparisons you'd like to see, and we'll do our best to oblige!

Apologies to Tableau readers if the above list was written from the point of view of a Power BI user!

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