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The new Excel Navigation pane and Sheet View
Changes are coming to your version of Excel! The navigation pane is excellent, while sheet view will help you work on files being reviewed in isolation.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

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The new Excel Navigation pane and Sheet View

One of the exciting things about using a beta version of Excel is the new features which suddenly appear.  Imagine my surprise today when these turned up!

Two new features

The feature on the left is called Sheet View, and allows you to effectively suspend reviewing so that you can work on a workbook in isolation; the one on the right is called the Navigation Pane, and is the subject of this blog.

If you can't see this feature, you're probably not on the right update path.  You can find out which path you're on (and change it, if required) here.

To illustrate the navigation pane I've created a workbook with two worksheets in, the first of which contains a chart, two range names and a table:

Simple worksheet

This simple worksheet contains ranges called Fruit and Quantity, a table of data, a clickable button and an embedded column chart.


You can use the Navigation button to se a list of all the things on all of the worksheets in your workbook:

Navigation button

You'll find this on the View menu.


You can then choose something to go to:

Selecting an object

Here I've clicked on the Table1 table (the table, range names, chart and button all have different symbols to the left of them, so you can - just about - see which thing is which).


This selects the table in my worksheet:

Selected table

The results of clicking on the Table1 table for this example.


This excellent idea raises two questions.  Firstly, why has it taken so long to be introduced?  And secondly, when will you be able to right-click on a listed object to do things to it (deleting a range name springs to mind), or filter the objects shown in the navigation pane to show only those of a certain type?

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