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Our advanced Power BI course has split into two!
We have launched two new courses: a two-day Advanced Power BI (Reports) course for report authors, and a two-day advanced Power BI (Data) course for data modellers.

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 January 2022

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Our advanced Power BI course has split into two!

For some time now we've been aware that two different types of people have been attending our Power BI courses:

Who Characteristics
Report author If you're a report author, your interest is less in how you massage your organisation's data into a usable format (someone else has probably done this for you), and more in how you create visually attractive and easy-to-use reports to make sense of this data.
Data modeller If you're a data modeller you still need to create reports, but you're more concerned with how you can assemble and present your organisation's data than in the details of creating glossy visuals.

It is of course perfectly possible to belong to both camps, in which case you have many Wise Owl courses to choose from!

Acknowledging these two different types of Power BI users, we've replaced our single two-day advanced Power BI course with two replacements:

Course Days Contents Links
Advanced Power BI Reports 2 Custom tooltips, using different visuals, using bookmarks, dynamic formatting, advanced drill-through and more. Classroom / online
Advanced Power BI Data 2 Using a wide range of Power Query transforms, working with parameters and APIs, handling errors and more. Classroom / online

A typical learning path for report authors

If your main focus is on creating reports to allow others to view and interpret your organisation's data, here's a typical course path:

Report author course path

Ambitious delegates may decide to try to cover the majority of the topics on these two courses in our single intensive three-day fast-track Power BI course.

A typical learning path for data modellers

If your main interest is manipulating data for reporting using Power BI, here is a typical learning path for you:

Data modeller report path

After attending our two-day introduction course it wouldn't matter in which order you attended the other two courses.

If you want to accelerate your learning (and you consider yourself a quick learner!) you could combine the introduction and DAX courses into a single intensive three-day fast-track Power BI/DAX course.

Other Power BI courses

If you've learnt everything you need to know about Power BI Desktop, you could consider one of our other Power BI courses!

Course Days Contents Links
Power Automate 2 Create programs to automate common tasks in Windows, such as filling in webforms, sending emails or copying data between applications. Classroom / online
Power Apps 2 Create applications for use within your organisation on mobile phones or tablets. Classroom / online
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