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Using personal bookmarks to persist filters
In Power BI Service you can now create personal bookmarks to retain any changes you've made to filtering for a report.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 October 2021

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Using personal bookmarks to persist filters

Personal bookmarks are a great idea, which somehow I've managed not to notice until now!  They allow a user to preserve their view of a report (so in the example below, we create a personal bookmark to view East Anglian towns only).

To create a personal bookmark for a published report in Power BI Service, choose this option:

Adding a personal bookmark

Make any filtering choices that you want to preserve, then choose to store these as a personal bookmark.

You can now give your bookmark a name:

Saving personal bookmark

Here I'm making this my default view for when I look at this report in the future.


You'll now be able to choose from your personal bookmarks when viewing this report: 

Choosing a personal bookmark

The one you're currently using appears in the toolbar.


Personal bookmarks are specific to a report, as you would hope and expect (so you'll see a different set of personal bookmarks for each report that you view).

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