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Persistent report filters in Power BI
Consumers of your reports can alter filters, but you can change an option to prevent these changes persisting for other users.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 October 2021

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Persistent report filters in Power BI

We publish a monthly blog on updates to Power BI, but somehow this change slipped through the net - I only became aware of it yesterday!  Suppose you have a report with filters set on a visual:

Filters for a visual

The top filter has been both locked and hidden, so won't appear in Power BI Service, but the bottom filter by region will appear.

You publish this to Power BI Service, and a user decides to focus on the East Anglia region:

East Anglia filter

The change in filter will persist (the next consumer of your report will initially only see East Anglian towns).

To get round the problem described above, you can tell Power BI not to let filters persist.  Start by loading up the Power BI options menu:

Power BI Options

Choose the option shown above from the File menu in Power BI Desktop.

Scroll down to the settings for your current report:

Report settings

Choose this option at the bottom of the left-hand scroll bar.


You can now choose not to let filters persist:

Persistent filters

Tick this box to prevent filters persisting.

When you publish your report, user B will no longer inherit user A's filter settings.

This does raise another problem: some people may want to keep their choice of filters from one view of a report to the next!  You can now create personal bookmarks on Power BI Service for just this eventuality (the subject of another how-did-we-miss-this-change blog).

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