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Sharing Power BI Reports using Teams
You can add a tab for a Power BI report within a Teams channel, and also share a report from Power BI Service within Teams - this blog shows you how to do both these things!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 October 2021

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Sharing Power BI Reports using Teams

You can either view Power BI reports within Teams, or publish reports from Power BI Service to Teams, as shown under separate headings below.

One big advantage to sharing Power BI reports through Teams is that it allows people to view your reports even when they don't have a Power BI Pro licence.

Adding the Power BI app to Teams

Start by enabling the Power BI app within Teams.  To do this, click on Apps:

Teams apps

You should see this icon at the bottom left hand corner of your Teams window.


You can then find and click on the Power BI app:

Power BI app

Click on this app to add it to Teams, then click on the Add button in the window which appears.

Provided you're logged on to Teams using the same sign-on as for Power BI Service, your app should now appear:

New Teams app

You can pin the app to make it easily available in the sidebar.

One caveat: you must have a Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium licence to do this.

Adding a report tab to a Teams channel

Now that you've added Power BI as an app, you can add reports.  First choose to add a tab:

Adding a tab

Click on the + icon to add a tab to Teams.

Choose what you're adding:

Power BI tab

Choose to add a Power BI tab.


Choose a workspace, and within that a report:

Adding a report

Here I'm picking a report from the ajb temp workspace.  I've left ticked the box to post a message announcing that this tab has been added.

Your report will appear on a new tab:

The added report

My report, shared.

Teams will show a notification in the channel:

Notification of report

Something new has happened!

Note that only users with at least Viewer access to the report in Power BI service will be able to view it.

Sharing Power BI report to Teams

As well as pulling reports in to Teams from Power BI, you can push them out from Power BI to Teams provided that you have a Power BI Pro or Premium licence (unless you have a Premium licence, the people with whom you share reports must also have a Power BI Pro licence - at least, that's my understanding).

At the time of writing, however, you can't share a dashboard or app from the Power BI service to Teams.

To start sharing a report, view it in Power BI Service and click on Share:

Share a report

Choose to share your report by clicking on this button.

Choose to share the report with people in your organisation:

Sharing your report

The initial dialog box.


Now choose to share the report in Teams:

Share on Teams

Click on the Teams icon at the bottom of the dialog box.


You can if you like now customise the message to go out:

Customise your message

Type in a suitable message, then share!

You should now see that your link has been shared:

Success message

The success message is a bit OTT ... !


A message will now appear in people's Teams channels giving access to your report:

Teams message

People can click on the link to view your report within Teams.

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