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Solving FAILED TO DECRYPT CREDENTIALS message when running Power BI
Following the April 2021 update to Power BI (perhaps coincidentally) we started getting this message appearing on our computers, blocking us from running Power BI. Here is how to solve this!

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 20 April 2021

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Perhaps by coincidence when the Power BI April 2021 update arrived the Wise Owl computers started throwing up this error:

Decrypt Credentials

Aah ... Microsoft error message.  So informative.

This incessant pop up would prevent any form of SQL connection, and any attempts to delete the saved credentials would result in its return:

Can't delete

On the Home tab clicking the Transform Data drop down reveals Data Source settings, but this didn't help!

If it's not possible to delete credentials here, then they must be saved somewhere locally. By searching the error log (Copy details to clipboard) I found this location:


This is the location for the Power BI store version.

From here deleting the Credentials.bin fixed the issue that we had been having!

Data source properties

Now the connections work, and when I check a new Credentials.bin file has been generated.

I hope this clears up your issue too!

If you are using the installed version of Power BI the location is at:


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22 Apr 21 at 07:54


The same file for Power Query can be found here:

Hope this helps!

Best regards

Sam (Wise Owl)

22 Apr 21 at 08:24

Thanks it worked

Have a safe day.

21 Apr 21 at 16:00

Having the same problem with Excel power query, any ideas??