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Three top YouTube channels for learning about DAX
Following a question from a recent DAX course, here are 3 recommended YouTube tutorial channels to help you learn to master DAX.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 October 2020

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Getting help on writing DAX

Someone on my online DAX course this week asked me if I knew of any good sources of help.  Having asked other delegates (and also the other Wise Owls) I've put together this list (the number of subscribers is at the time of writing):

Channel Subscribers Comments
SQLBI 9,600 Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari literally wrote the book on how to write DAX, and have launched a new YouTube channel.  If you can ignore the Italian accents this is the most authoritative guide you'll find, although it's pitched at a more advanced level.
DAX Fridays 53,700 Excellent bite-size chunks (typically 5 to 15 minutes for each video) on different subjects - a great resource if you can ignore the presenter's strong accent and idiosyncratic style.
Guy in a Cube 140,000 Probably the most professional videos and definitely the most enthusiastic!

I've limited myself to YouTube tutorials, since that's what most people use, but posing a question on the Power BI forum can get very good results.

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