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You can use the new LET function in Excel to store interim formulae calculations
Part three of a three-part series of blogs

The new Excel LET function lets you create variables to store the results of calculations, making formulae easier to read and quicker to calculate.

  1. The new Excel LET function lets you store your workings
  2. Using the LET function
  3. Getting access to the LET function (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 October 2020

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Getting access to the LET function

There's nothing more frustrating than reading a blog about some wonderful new feature, only to discover you can't actually use it!

The LET function

There's an easy way to see if you have the new LET function: type in =LET and see if it comes up in Intellisense!


If you don't have it, all is not necessarily lost - you could try updating your Office 365 version.  To do this, go into Excel and make sure you're signed in:

Sign in to Excel 365

Your user name should appear at the top right of Excel.

From the File menu choose Account:

File / Account

Choose this option to have a look at your Office 365 account.


Have a look at your version:

Version number

It's quite hard to find out what minimum version number you need, but if it's on or after this one you should be OK.

To update your version, in the same dialog box click on this button:

Update options

Choose to change your update options.

You can then choose to look for updates:

Update now

This option will find if you can update to a later version of Office (although be aware that for many companies Office 365 updates will be centrally controlled).


With a bit of luck you'll then be able to LET the good times roll!

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