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A correction - report tooltips can be any size in a Power BI report
Sadly we do occasionally make mistakes in our training, but when this happens we always try to correct them. Here, we explain that Power BI report page tooltips can in fact be any size.

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 August 2020

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An update - Power BI report tooltips can be any page size

It occasionally happens that we find we've been teaching the wrong thing for months, or even years.  It's embarrassing, but it happens (on this occasion, my thanks to Puc Covelli for pointing out my error).

Whenever we discover we've been misleading people, it's our policy to immediately blog about it, and also to publicise the correction in our next newsletter (similar to the corrections policy adopted by The Economist, we'd like to think!).

On this occasion, however, I think I'm the only Wise Owl who has been perpetuating the myth that report page tooltips must be a fixed size in Power BI.

Small tooltip

Here I've changed my tooltip size to be quite tiny, but I can also choose to make it huge if I prefer.


Here's a quick guide to how to do this!  You can see a longer blog on report page tooltips here.

Step 1 - Create the tooltip page

Firstly, create a page containing one or more visuals (here I've gone for a single card showing total sales):

Initial page

I want the tooltip page to be the size of the only visual I've added to it.

Select the visual as above that you want to use to determine the page size, and show its properties:

General properties

The General card shows that this visual is 136 by 90 pixels.


Step 2 - Set the page size

Now click on the background of the page and set the page to be a Tooltip:

Page tooltip

Set the page to be a tooltip page.


You can now set the page size to be anything you like:

Custom page size

I'd always taught that you had to choose Tooltip - you don't! Choose Custom to set any page size you like.


I'm making my page size the same as my visual size:

Page size dimensions

Type in the width and height of your tooltip page in pixels, making sure that it's big enough to show all the contents that you've created.


To make the page easier to work with, show it at its actual size:

Actual size page

On the View menu choose this option to show the page at its real size.

Step 3 - Assign your tooltip page

You can now assign your tooltip page to a visual.  First select your visual:

Select the visual

Select the visual to which you want to assign a tooltip.

You can now assign the tooltip page to the visual:

Assigning tooltip

Scroll down to find the Tooltip card, and assign the separate tooltip page that you've created.


In this case, you should now see total sales for a region when you hover over it:

Tooltip in practice

Hover over any region to see its total sales.

And with that, my Mea Culpa is complete!

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