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Retrieving past items from your clipboard using clipboard history
Windows now lets you retrieve up to the last 25 things you've copied. It does this by keeping a clipboard history, from which you can paste items with a single keystroke.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 June 2020

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Retrieving past items from your clipboard

Often I have to put in two bits of information into a dialog box: my user name and my password.  It's a pain having to keep copying and pasting each separately.  Which prompted me to think - surely in this day and age a clipboard can hold more than one thing at a time? 

Turning on clipboard history

The first thing you need to do is to enable this wonderful feature (why wouldn't you want it enabled by default?):

Clipboard settings

Run this program (I think the easiest way to get to it is the one shown - type clipb into the search box at the bottom left of the standard Windows 10 screen, then choose the option shown boxed).


You can then turn clipboard history on:

Clipboard history

Toggle the On/Off switch.

Actually there's an even easier way: hold down the Windows key and press V, as shown below.  This will automatically ask you if you want to turn on your clipboard history, if you haven't already done so.

Retrieving items from your clipboard history

To access anything but the last item you copied, hold down the Windows key and press V:

Windows key

Hold down this key and press V. As a bonus, I've just discovered that you can insert the Windows key symbol by choosing character code 87 in the Marlett font!


You can then click on the thing you want to insert:

Choosing from clipboard history

Scroll to the thing you want to paste, and click on it to paste it!


Permanently pinning items to clipboard history

In my example, I'm forever typing in the user name and password, so I'll make sure they're always visible.

Clipboard history retains the last 25 things you copied - more than enough for most purposes. 

To do this, pin the relevant items:

Pinning items

As the caption shows, pinned items will be permanently available to you.


My only question is - why didn't I find out about all this earlier? 

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