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Add the ComicGen custom visual to your Power BI reports to spice them up!
The ComicGen custom visual allows you to show one of two characters (Dee or Dey) in a variety of poses, and with a range of emotions. Excitingly, the poses and emotions can depend on your data, making these the most human of KPIs. Find out more in this blog!

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2020

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Using the Power BI ComicGen cartoon visual

Meet Dee:

Cartoon character

Dee is happy because the chart is going up.

Dee is one of two current cartoon characters that you can display with the ComicGen custom visual.  For each character you can set their emotional state and their pose:

Pose Emotion
The choices of pose The choices of emotion

You can choose Data Driven for either parameter, which allows you to control its appearance using a measure:

Two measures

Here I've created two measures to control Dee's pose and emotions.


The measure you create has to return a valid emotion/pose.  Here Dee will laugh if total quantity sold is more than 10,000, or be angry otherwise:

EmotionValue = IF(

SUM(Purchase[Quantity]) > 10000,




There are a few limitations: you can only have two cartoon characters on the page at one time, the emotions aren't exact and there doesn't seem to be a Happy emotion.

Probably the most fun you can have with this visual is waiting for it to redraw when you change the pose:

Bodyless character

Here Dee is waiting to get another pose.


Or more disturbingly, head:

Headless torso

Here Dee is waiting to get an emotion back.


You could of course choose Dey instead:

Dey not Dee

The ComicGen site promises more characters to come in the future.


You can get the ComicGen custom visual by adding a custom visual to your report:

Adding a custom visual

Click here to add a custom visual (in this case, I've already got the ComicGen visual visible).


I'd always wondered what this custom visual did!  I only really wrote it to please Sam.  I will wait eagerly for the roll-out of Ollie Owl ...


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