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How to show rows with no corresponding data in a Power BI visual
This modest blog explains how you can tell Power BI to show all of the members of a dimension table (even the ones which have no corresponding data).

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 March 2020

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Choosing to show blank rows in a Power BI visual

This is a short blog, written (I confess) just to remind me of something I always forget - how to show dimension rows for which there is no corresponding data:

Missing data

I've got 9 regions in my underlying model, but only 3 of them have sales in. How to show the missing 6 regions?


The answer is to click on the drop arrow next to the RegionName field (not the quantity field) in the field well:

Show items with no data

Choose to Show items with no data for each region.


Problem solved!

Missing data visible

You can now see all of the regions - even those for which there were no corresponding sales.


Hopefully I'll now remember this next time somebody asks me!

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