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Announcing the first Wise Owl online training course (Excel VBA)
After a huge investment of time and expertise, we're proud to announce that our first full online training course is now live on our website! The course shows you how to program in VBA in Excel, and is completely free (you don't even have to log in to follow it).

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 January 2020

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The first Wise Owl Online Training Course is now live

We are excited to announce that our first online training course (teaching you how to write macros in Excel VBA) is now live on our website. 

The seven modules in the course

The 7 modules included in our first online training course.

You can follow the course without logging in and without charge - who said that there was no such a thing as a free lunch?

Online training course modules

Each course that we publish will contain a number of modules (the first VBA one has 7):

Excel VBA modules

The 7 modules in our first online training course.


For each module you can choose to show any of the following:

Module tabs

The 5 tabs for each module.

The tabs give access to:

Tab What it lets you see
Contents What topics are included in the module.
Summary A summary of what you'll learn in the module.
Reference A summary of all of the things covered in the module, for reference after you've learnt all of the topics.
Exercises Some exercises to test out whether you've understood everything.
Test A multiple-choice test to compare your understanding of this module with other people's.


Within each module are a number of topics.  Here are the ones for the second module in our VBA course, on moving around in Excel:

The topics in a module

This module contains 9 topics, divided between two lessons.

For each topic, there are four tabs:

The tabs for each topic

The four tabs for each topic (explained below).

The first Introduction tab explains what the topic covers, and lets you download any code used:

Introduction to topic

You can download code used during the topic, as well as the completed code you should have at the end of it.

The Video tab lets you watch the video tutorial for this topic:

Excel VBA video

If you're one of the 140,000+ subscribers to our YouTube channel, you'll know the quality of our tutorials.

The Text and Practise tabs give the contents of the video as script, so that you can follow along (and then practise what you've learnt).

Future online courses

Our aim in 2020 is to publish the following courses:

  • An introduction to writing SQL
  • How to write and use DAX
  • Using range names in Excel.

We're open to new ideas for online courses, and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas!

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