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A comparison of SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI
Part one of a seven-part series of blogs

Power BI improves with each monthly update. Will it reach a point where SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) becomes redundant? This detailed blog compares the two products, and considers the future of SSRS.

  1. Reporting Services (SSRS) versus Power BI (this blog)
  2. An overview of Power BI and SSRS
  3. Loading data (SSRS and Power BI compared)
  4. Creating reports for viewing on-screen
  5. Exporting and printing reports
  6. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  7. Conclusions

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 October 2019

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Reporting Services (SSRS) versus Power BI

It's a popular question on training courses: what is the future for SSRS, and will Power BI supersede it? 

We think we're uniquely well-placed to answer this question, being experienced (we've been training on both products to an advanced level for a fair few years) and independent (we have no axe to grind either way).

To compare the use and future of the two applications, I've divided this blog into the following parts:

Part Contents
1 - Overview A quick look at a typical Power BI and typical SSRS report.
2 - Loading data A comparison of linking to data sources for the two applications.
3 - On-screen Creating reports for viewing on-screen in Power BI and SSRS.
4 - Off-screen Exporting and printing reports in Power BI/SSRS.
5 - TCO A look at the total cost of ownership for the two products.
6 - Conclusions My thoughts on the future of SSRS and Power BI.

Let's start with a quick overview of the two products, so that we know exactly what we're talking about!

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