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Using the new Power BI template app to view Google Analytics data
How to create a new app to view your Google Analytics data in Power BI Service.

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 September 2019

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New template app - Google Analytics

I don't normally blog about custom visuals and templates, but this one caught my eye.  You can now install an app to view the last 6 months of data from Google Analytics.  First create an app in Power BI Service:

Create an app

Click to create an app.


Now choose to get an app from the Microsoft app source:

Get apps button

Click to choose which app to install.


Choose to search for Google apps:

Google search string

This search worked for me!

You can then choose to get the new Google Analytics app from Haven Consulting:

Choose the Google app

Choose to install this app.


You should now have a Google Analytics report (and underlying dataset), although you'll need to create a connection (and trust PowerBI.com) to see them:

Google Analytics report

Once you've agreed to trust your data to powerbi.com and connected to your Google Analytics account, you can click on this report.


Eventually, your data will refresh and you'll be able to see the 4 pages of the resulting report:

Sample report

This report is using the sample data provided, because I'm still waiting for the data refresh to be completed!

There are all sorts of apps available - to give you an idea of what's possible, here is the search screen:

Products Categories
You can search by product ... ... or category.

Sadly, I couldn't find Facebook in the list of supported templates (I quite fancied showing my likes and dislikes in a pre-created report).

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