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We have unearthed two new sources of information on future Power BI features
In addition to the Power BI preview features dialog box, Andy Gould has discovered two excellent new sources of information on forthcoming changes for Power BI, as this blog explains.

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 August 2019

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Roadmaps showing future changes to Power BI

So there are now three ways that we know of to see what's coming to Power BI!

Method 1 - Preview Features

So this is the one that we knew about - you can go into the Power BI options menu:

Power BI options

Choose this menu option.


This then allows you to see what's waiting in preview:

Preview features

Features coming to a desktop near you soon.

Method 2 - release notes

So we (well, Andy Gould) has recently discovered that in April 2019 Microsoft released a roadmap of forthcoming changes over the next 6 months:

List of changes

Many of the changes have already been incorporated, but the ones for September make exciting reading!

I don't know whether this blog will be refreshed every 6 months, but it's certainly worth revisiting this page regularly to see if it's updated.

Method 3 - BI new features

Mysteriously, Microsoft have a separate webpage which gives a slightly longer-term view of changes coming for Power BI, but essentially seems to say the same things:

Forthcoming changes

Some of the changes coming to Power BI Desktop soon.

Of these changes the new Office ribbon is the one which makes our hearts sink, as we will have to - yet again - update all of our courseware!

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