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How to get rid of lots of blank rows in a Report Builder table
There seems to be an occasional bug in Report Builder which fills a table with blank rows. Here's one owl's way to get round it.

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

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Getting rid of strange blank rows in a Report Builder table

So I've created a completely normal dataset in Report Builder, which returns a list of 1,200 films, and also a table to display them:

Report Builder table

It's not beautiful, but it should work ...

However, when I run this I get:

Blank rows

Most of the rows are blank, for no obvious reason.

This seems to be an intermittent error - not all of our trainers get it.  A solution that our Shaun has found is to select all of the cells in the table:

Select the table

Select all of the cells in the table.

Then change the font size:

Change the font size

In my example, changing the font size to 11 worked, but then changing it back to 10 reproduced the problem!


Very strange!

The table as it should be

What I expect to see!

What's REALLY strange about this is that we appear to be the only people who have experienced it!

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