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Which should you learn: Report Builder or Reporting Services?
Part four of a four-part series of blogs

Report Builder and SQL Server Reporting Services are almost identical - which makes the small but important differences even harder to explain.

  1. Should you learn Report Builder or Reporting Services?
  2. Why Report Builder might be better than Reporting Services
  3. Why Reporting Services is better than Report Builder
  4. The Wise Owl Recommendation (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

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The Wise Owl Recommendation

Before I give my recommendation, can I take this moment to emphasise that we have no vested interest, as we train in both SSRS and Report Builder.

That said ... I haven't exactly sat on the fence during this blog, but I'm certainly going to come off it now and say:

Reporting Services is better than Report Builder!

I've had two or three courses where clients booked a Report Builder course, and switched to Reporting Services halfway through. 

 However, it doesn't make too much difference which product you choose, as underneath their very different exteriors are two almost-identical software applications.

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