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Want to be get at the file path for an Excel workbook easily? Here's how!
This short blog explains how you can customise your quick access toolbar to display the path of the file that you are currently working on.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 January 2017

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Showing Excel Workbook paths in the quick access toolbar

It can be useful (particularly if you're writing VBA to open, save and close files) to be able to get at a workbook's location easily:

File path in toolbar

You can tell Excel to display the file location permanently.

To do this, customise the quick access toolbar.  First right-click on it and choose to customise it:

Customising toolbar

Right-click on one of the existing tools in your quick access toolbar, and choose this menu option.

Now choose All Commands from the drop list which appears:

All Commands

Choose from the list of all Excel commands.

Scroll down (a fair way) to Document Location, and double-click on this to transfer it into your quick access toolbar:

Document  Location

Alternatively, you can click on the Add >> button shown.

Choose OK - every file in Excel from now on will have its path displayed:

Copying file location

You can copy the file path at any time.

My thanks to Jacqueline of Lloyd's for this tip!

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