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A couple of software quirks

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

What happens when you try to defy gravity in Python, and why Excel sometimes creates worksheets with foreign names

Tags:   Excel | General    |    Python | General

Running a Python script within Power Automate Desktop

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 March 2022

How can you pass a value from Power Automate Desktop to a Python script, and then get the results back? This blog explains how.

Tags:   Python | General    |    Power Automate Desktop | Scripting

A comparison of Python and C#

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 November 2021

Ten reasons why Python is a better programmng language than C# (and most other languages), as well as two reasons why it might not be.

Tags:   Visual C# | General    |    Python | General

Five differences between Python and other languages

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

How does Python compare with other programming languages like C#, VB or SQL? This blog looks at the differences we've come across in preparing our Python courses and videos.

Tags:   Python | General
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