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Added by MJF1 on 09 Aug 2018 at 17:35

My company has changed a major software package. I have been asked to recreate a report in SSRS 2017. The report has two parts. The first part has 12 lines, each line has 4 fields and these 4 fields in a line are populated with a separate TSQL Query.  I inserted an SSRS List into the body, into which I inserted a rectangle then inserted 4 textboxes. Once the textboxes were positioned within the rectangle correctly, I copied the rectangle with the intention of pasting 11 copies into the list. To avoid disturbing the contents of each rectangle, I used the rectangle's location property fields to position it within the list. I noticed textboxes had moved within its rectangle and other odd behaviors. Is there a technique to create a report of textboxes that can be arranged in an orderly way?

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