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Added by JohnyDoe on 11 Feb 2021 at 23:29

Thank you for the tip.

I don't like at the format of the MS-Teams invitation and I would like to change it.  I'm not capable of doing this in Outlook, but would have been in Word. In Word I would use the following code:

   Sub MaTeams_Meeting_Format

    Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdScreen, Count:=1
    Selection.MoveUp Unit:=wdLine, Count:=6, Extend:=wdExtend

    With Selection.Font
        Selection.Font.Name = "Arial"
        .Color = -wdColorBrightGreen
    End With

    With Selection.Style
        .NoSpaceBetweenParagraphsOfSameStyle = True
    End With

End Sub

How can I combine your code to add the MS-Teams invite and format it as per above?

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