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Added by Blackfirex on 15 Aug 2017 at 21:56

Hi Wise Owls!

Thank you for your very interesting videos regarding VBA. Learnt a lot, but much to learn remains. I´m working with a quite large workbook with football results and after I´ve watched your video (#47) I progressed quite a bit. By trial and error, and some help I solved the problem with results like 1-1 turning into a date in my workbook. Have couple of remaining issues, and if any of this issues has been adressed in previous videos, my apologies.

First, when running the code VBA creates a number of sheets, based on website I´m scraping I get three new sheets. The information I want is in the first sheet (Sheet1). Sheet2 and 3 contains some information, but of no use to me. I tried:

Dim Sheet1 as Worksheet 

Set Sheet1 = ActiveWorksheet

What then happens is that the values earlier placed in the new created Sheet1, 2 and 3 ends up as a mess in Sheeet1.I think I´m on to something but I´ve come to a stop.

Since it´s football I´m dealing with, it´s nice with livescores. how can I loop the VBA/scrape the website every minute and overwrite previous values?

The last one is probaly easy, but my patience is tempted to the limit. How can I assign a table to start in a specific cell?

Keep up the good work!



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