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Added by geophysguy on 22 Aug 2021 at 23:19

I've watched all of the 57 series of videos several times and have learned a great deal and continue to come back to them when i get stuck, however finding this shadow host is stumping me and I haven't found an answer here or anywhere else on the net. So I thought I might go to the source and ask the guru himself.

Here's what i've tried stepping through(F8) the macro to ensure everything is loaded with Selenium Basic of a google chrome pdf with a shadow dom. I'm after a table that is in the chrome browser window that after my macro runs I have to Ctrl Copy and then run another macro to organize and format the table data as I need it. It's a secure website and the rest of the macro runs fine opening 5 tabs in the browser finding all of the elements I need but I'd like to automate this last repetetive task so I would not have to stop Ctrl C and V the data into excel and run another macro. The HTML is:

    <pdf-viewer id="viewer"></pdf-viewer> flex
        #shadow-root (open)
          <div id="container"> flex
            <div id="sidenav-container">
            <div id="main">
                <embed id="plugin" type="application/x-google-chrome-pdf" ...>    '<-After this

Dim ShadowHost As Selenium.WebElement
Dim ShadowRoot As Selenium.WebElement

With ch
    Set ShadowHost = .FindElement(FindBy.XPath("/html/body/pdf-viewer"))
    Set ShadowHost = .FindElement(FindBy.Css("#viewer")) 
End With

Both the above tried seperatly give:

Run-Time error 7
Element not found for XPath=/html/body/pdf-viewer
or Css=#viewer

'I tried this and didn't get an error:

    Set ShadowHost = .FindElementByXPath("/html/body/*")
'BUT the Locals window says ShadowHost tagname = "embed"
'which is the table I'm after!
'but using devtools find gives:
<pdf-viewer id="viewer"></pdf-viewer> flex == $0 
Then I run the following:
    Set ShadowRoot = .ExecuteScript(Script:="retutn arguments[0].ShadowRoot", arguments:=ShadowHost"))
'and i get:

Run-time error '17':
javascript error: Unexpected identifier

'So I tried:
    Set ShadowRoot = .ExecuteScript(Script:="retutn arguments[0].ShadowRoot", arguments:=.FindElementByXPath("/html/body/*")"))
'and got the same error 17

'The element has no other shadow-root above but I can't select anything but body.
'I've tried js ch.querySelector("#viewer")
'and a bunch more but can't get the ShadowHost selected.

'So i thought ok I'll just Ctrl A, Ctrl C, .getclipboard like this:
    Set ShadowHost = .FindElementByTag("body").SendKeys(.keys.Control, "a")
    Set ShadowHost = .FindElementByTag("body").SendKeys(.keys.Control, "c")
    Set dataObj = New MSForms.DataObject
    Debug.Print dataObj.GetFromClipboard
'Gives me Compile error mismatch

'So tried this:
    .FindElementByXPath("/html/body/*").AsTable.ToExcel ShDstMLS_ReCOLORADO.Range("M13")
'and got:

Run-Time error "59":
Unrecognized tag name.
'which is what the local window says the tagname of the WebElement is.

So in conclusion, i have 4 questions:
Why the errors:
Compile error mismatch?
ok 5 questions:
Any ideas as to what's going on and can you help a faithful but frustrated follower?

Thanks for any of the questions you might answer,

PS: There is very little on the net on Ctrl copy and paste, using Action or Actions class (do these 2 classes exist in Selenium Basic?)
or SendKeys for Selenium Basic for VBA, plenty with JS JavaScript C and Python but there's enough differences to make trying to answer
a question on one's own very frustrating. Would love to see a video with the Selenium Basic keyboard commands. Guess this counts as 6 questions.

Thanks again.

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