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Added by VinceS on 20 Apr 2021 at 09:46

I made an account just to say how useful this was to solve a problem whereby I wanted to do some statistical analysis of emails over several years to get a handle on frequency and authorship. Getting data out of .pst files was hard, until I found an app called PST Converter from BitRecover which did exactly that. But it gives all the emails in .csv format, all files having the same name ("Allitems.csv"), but in the folder structure they were created. My case was 400 folders and 17,000 emails. Using this method let me drop the data-bloat Body field, and just keep the date, subject and addressees / sender details. The App developers think their software is only for backing up / accessing broken files and had glazed looks when I mentioned this need. But using the query approach turns what looks like junk output into something very useful, with not a macro / multi-lined DOS command to be seen. I was up for both, but had it done in less time than it took to provide this feedback. I thank you very much for explaining clearly how to do this.

I am using 2016 and did note that the query columns were already formatted correctly, eg date, so that step was not needed. But good to check. How good is Excel!