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Added by LyLy1219 on 18 Mar 2021 at 23:10

Ok I just got thoroughly over-excited when I saw that you have a book! I retain things better when reading and without that soothing voice, hopefully it will be easier to stay awake! (For anyone reading this, I have narcolepsy, it's NOT that Andrew's videos are at all boring.) The only thing is it's from 2017. Is there perhaps an updated version coming out or maybe a smaller companion guide that outlines the newer things? I don't have a natural ability for computer stuff so if your picture doesn't look exactly like my screen, I can easily get lost. (I'm only exaggerating a little, unfortunately.)


Added by LyLy1219 on 13 Jan 2022 at 22:05

Is worth starting to learn Access now since there are so many alternatives out there? I run a payroll company and am currently using software with a copyright that expired in 1999, on a DOS computer that doesn't connect to the internet. Needless to say I don't need the newest, fanciest, database program full of bells and whistles. What I like about Access is that I don't need to connect to outside sources to access my data. I guess my biggest concern is learning the language then having it become obsolete (like DOS) and not being able to find people who know it if I need help (like DOS programmers). I'm just getting the hang of VBA and ONLY thanks to you guys and a lot of hard work!