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Learning to create reports using Report Builder

Our two-day Introduction to Report Builder course shows you how to create reports.  Read on to get an idea of what you'll learn if you attend!

Report Builder is almost identical to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and given a free choice we'd probably recommend that you choose one of our SSRS courses instead.  However, to use SSRS you have to install Visual Studio, and we recognise that your IT Department may be unwilling to do this.


On the course you'll learn how to create tables of data like this: 

Table of data

You may even learn how to use more tasteful colours ...

Which when run produce output like this:

Table when run

It doesn't look much better in this view.

Grouping tables

The course will then show how to group rows:

Grouped table

Here we're showing the films made by each director.


The course will show how to create expressions like this:

SWITCH expression

This expression will show for each film whether it was an Oscar winner, nominee or loser.


Adrian Lyne had mixed results in our database:

Oscar status results

One winner, one nominee and one loser.


The course will show how to create dropdown parameters like this:

Dropdown parameter

You can choose to show all of the films for a given director, and winning more than a given number of Oscars.

 Indicators and Gauges

The course will show how to use indicators and gauges to give a visual representation of how big or small numbers are:

Film minutes indicator

Less is more: only short films get smiley faces!


You'll learn how to create charts - which hopefully interpret the data better than this one:

A Report Builder chart

A chart showing ... something.



The course will cover how to create matrices like this one:

Matrix of run times

A matrix is like an Excel pivot table.

This is just a selection of the things that will be covered on the course - you can see the full course contents here.

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