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Fast track training courses with Wise Owl

Clients frequently ask if they can cover all of the contents from our basic and advanced courses in a subject in a shorter time frame.  We've therefore published a new family of fast-track courses in C#, Integration Services, Power BI, Reporting Services, SQL and VBA.

We spent ages trying to choose what to call the courses.  "Boot camp" was perfect, but too American; Andrew's "Zero to Hero" a bit too whimsical; and Sam's "VBA to VBZ" clever, but too specific.  Eventually we settled on "Fast track" (Sam's suggestion).

How the courses work

For each fast-track course we've taken the contents of two two-day courses (or in the case of Power BI, three) and combined them together into a single three-day course.

Two into one

Two into one does go - you just have to pour carefully, as explained below.


So where does the extra time come from?  A combination of two things:

Reason Notes
Faster pace Our fast-track courses run (as the name might suggest) at a faster pace than our standard courses, allowing us to more time to cover extra topics.
Bulk time savings For any training course some of the first day is wasted, as the trainer gets to know the group, understand their abilities and limitations and as everyone gets settled in.  On days two and three of a fast-track course no time is wasted with introductions and general information.

Set against this it's worth noting that people naturally fade towards the end of a course, and the longer the course the more pronounced this effect!

Why we don't schedule public fast-track courses

Currently we only offer our three-day fast-track courses for training tailored towards a single company's needs (we call this onsite training, although you can choose to run a fast track course at our venue in London or Manchester (or as an online course) rather than on your company's premises if you prefer.

The reason is a combination of two things - self-preservation, and the desire to maintain our reputation:

Reason Notes
Self-preservation On a scheduled course you will often get people who are (how can we say this politely?) not ideally suited to the content.  For two days a skilled trainer can ensure that everyone enjoys a course, even when the range of ability among the delegates attending is quite wide.  However, for a three-day course the effects of anyone struggling would be magnified, and we can't bear to have to drag some poor person through advanced topics when they found the introduction ones difficult. 
Reputation The other side of the coin is that when there is a wide range of ability on a course, everyone can suffer a little: the slower people complain the course went too quickly, and the faster people resent waiting all the time to cover more advanced topics.  For a two-day course you can just about compensate for this problem, but for a three-day one it would be impossible - and all that anyone would take away from the course would be that they didn't get what they came for.

If you're wondering why we allow onsite fast track courses, it's because responsibility for ensuring that everyone is of a suitable standard to attend the training passes from Wise Owl to the booker.  Rita may be a whizz while Sue is a dunce, but this is something that the booker will have surely suspected in advance before booking the course, and a fact with which all of the delegates will be familiar and hence tolerant towards.

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