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The different Wise Owl courses for C# explained

We run two levels of C# training, as explained below!

Introduction to C#

Our two-day introduction to C# course will teach you the basics of Visual C# programming, covering:

  • Creating variables

  • Writing conditions

  • Using arrays

  • Looping

  • Using lists

  • Basic read/write properties

Here's an example of the sort of thing you'll be able to write on this course:

private void btnShowAge_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


//read two dates to compare into variables

DateTime DateOfBirth = this.dtpDateOfBirth.Value;

DateTime DateToday = DateTime.Today;

//work out the user's age

TimeSpan span;

span = DateToday - DateOfBirth;

Int64 Age = Convert.ToInt16(span.TotalDays/365.25);

//display it

MessageBox.Show("You are " + Age.ToString() + " years old");


A quick introductory course might include creating basic classes within the course contents (as always, much depends on the speed and enthusiasm of your fellow delegates, of whom there will be at most 5 people).

Intermediate C# course

In addition, we also run a two-day intermediate C# course, concentrating on classes and using LINQ to get information out of databases using entity framework models.  If you're wondering what a class is, here's an example:

class Customer


// fields (private to this class)

private string firstName;

private string lastName;

// property giving first name

public string FirstName {

get { return firstName; }

set { firstName = value; }


// property giving last name

public string LastName


get { return lastName; }

set { lastName = value; }



Brave people might choose to book our three-day fast-track C# course, which aims to cover the above two courses in only 3 days.

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