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The aim of this exercise is to explicitly create a table, then insert the output from several select statements into it. The final table should list out the count of events for each country, continent and two millennia.

Table something something darkeside

The last millennium is here defined as containing any event before '2000-01-01'.


Start by using CREATE to construct the table with two columns (one to hold the name of the the category and the other to hold the COUNT of films):

Newly created table

Feel free to use more imaginative column names.


Now use INSERT INTO above SELECT to put data for the last millenium into the newly created table.

Repeat this for each row of data to separately add a statistic for:

  1. The current millennium;
  2. Each continent (using grouping);
  3. Each country (using grouping).

Unless using a UNION there will need to use a separate INSERT for each select.  Remember if using UNION there needs to be the same number of columns in each SELECT statement.

Optionally save this as Going Places.sql and then close it down.

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