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Wise Owl coding standards for T-SQL (the SQL dialect used in SQL Server)

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2017

A blog setting out an approach to coding in SQL to ensure consistently high standards across your organisation.

Tags:   SQL | General

How to use the FOR XML keywords in SQL to concatenate ids

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 September 2016

If you want to group items in a SQL query, showing a comma-delimited list of ids for each, generating an XML file is not the obvious place to start - but it should be.

Tags:   SQL | General

Wise Owl suggestions for new features for SQL Server Management Studio

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 September 2013

Writing SQL in Management Studio could, Wise Owl feel, be made a little easier: here are 10 practical suggestions for how!

Tags:   SQL | General    |    T-SQL | New features

Exporting data from SQL Server Management Studio

Posted by Andrew Gould on 04 February 2013

While SQL Server Management Studio is a powerful tool for writing queries, it has absolutely no concessions towards making the results of those queries remotely presentable! This blog describes several techniques for getting the results of a query into another application so that you can format them to your heart’s content.

Tags:   SQL | General    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Generate the database used by the ASP.NET training blog

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 October 2012

This mini-blog provides a means to generate the database used by our online ASP.NET tutorial.

Tags:   ASP.NET webforms | General    |    SQL | General    |    T-SQL | Other

New in SQL 2012 - code snippets and surrounding code

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 May 2012

In a previous blog on new features of SQL 2012, I missed out the ability to insert code snippets, and also to embed or surround code in an IF, BEGIN or WHILE block. This blog rectifies this!

Tags:   SQL | General    |    SQL Server 2012 | SQL 2012    |    T-SQL | New features

New features for SQL within SQL Server 2012

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 May 2012

SQL 2012 has 14 new functions, a new FileTable construct and new ways to sequence and fetch records - as this blog explains.

Tags:   SQL | General    |    SQL Server 2012 | SQL 2012    |    T-SQL | New features

Access project ADP file extended properties error

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 December 2010

When you try to view data for a table in an Access project with an ADP extension, Access can throw a wobbly. Here's why!

Tags:   Access | Tables and fields    |    SQL | General    |    T-SQL | Other
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