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Want to wind up your neighbour? Try this annoying Excel VBA code!
Part one of a two-part series of blogs

If you have a colleague who trusts you, you could always betray this trust by sending them a workbook which misbehaves: it won't close and you can't leave it!

  1. Amusing(?) Excel macros to send to your colleagues (this blog)
  2. Creating the Rogue Excel Workbook

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 May 2013

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Amusing(?) Excel macros to send to your colleagues

If you're bored one day, you could always create a workbook to annoy your workmates!  Initially this would look fairly harmless:

Initial look of workbook

All of the interesting figures are clearly on the other worksheet ...


It's what happens then that would be a tad irritating.  When you clicked on the other worksheet to see the interesting figures, you'd see a message like this:

Scary message

When you choose OK, you'll be left on the original worksheet.


Frustrated, you'll try closing the file down, only to see this message:

Closing message

When you click OK, the workbook will remain what it was before - open.


Finally, you might click on the button to display help instructions.  Firstly you'd get a message asking you to turn your speaker on:

Reminder to turn on speaker

If you choose No, you'd get a message telling you not to waste time.


If you choose Yes above, your computer would speak the following message:

"Welcome to the dark side!"

So how does all this work?  Click on the link below to find out, but first a disclaimer:

This is only meant for fun, and any workbook that you create is your own personal responsibility!

One other note: if your intended victim should happen not to trust you, they will (sensibly) not enable any macros in your workbook, and none of the above will work.

  1. Amusing(?) Excel macros to send to your colleagues (this blog)
  2. Creating the Rogue Excel Workbook
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