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Problem with using VBA to create chart labels
If your chart has more than a thousand data labels, this blog explains why you may experience problems.

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 April 2013

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Problem with using Large Number of Chart Labels in VBA

I find myself in the unusual position of adding a blog on behalf of one of the readers of this site!  Robert Stevenson found this issue - my thanks to him for letting us quote it.

Apparently In Excel 2010 when adding labels to a chart the system skips every second label if the range selected for labels is longer than 1000 cells.  For example:

'make sure data labels are turned on

GeneratorDataSeries.HasDataLabels = True

Set GeneratorList = Range("G3:G1250")

Set GeneratorDataSeries = _


and so on. 

Apparently the problem doesn't occur in Excel 2007!

If you want to know more about using VBA to create chart labels, see my colleague Andrew's previous blog and follow-up.

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