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The great beard-off: results and fun facts
See how many reams of paper in weight Sam and Shaun lost, who won their competition and what they now look like without their beards!

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 May 2022

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The great beard-off: results and fun facts

As well as celebrating our 30th anniversary on 16th May, we also had the results of the great beard-off weight loss competition between Sam and Shaun.

Weight in reams

Sometimes a picture says more than words ever can: this one shows Shaun (left) and Sam (right) holding the amount of weight in paper that each has lost.

Kudos to both contestants: anyone who has ever had to shift reams of paper around will know how much weight each is carrying in this photo.

Sadly, neither Sam nor Shaun met their target, so both had to shave off their beards:

Without beards

Shaun and Sam after shaving off their beards. If you notice a slight error in this picture you are not alone!

As the loser of the competition, Sam also now has to get a tattoo including Shaun's name (fortunately Shaun the Sheep is an obvious choice).


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