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A couple of software quirks
What happens when you try to defy gravity in Python, and why Excel sometimes creates worksheets with foreign names

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

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A couple of software quirks

The days of complex Easter Eggs being embedded within software applications are sadly long gone, but here are a couple of things to try.

Naming your worksheets in German (by mistake)

Try creating a worksheet from File Explorer like this:

Creating a new worksheet

Right-click and choose to create a new worksheet.

This gives you a tabelle!

Excel German sheet

Excel seems to have slipped into German!


The really odd thing about this bug is that it's so well-documented.  If Microsoft are so clearly aware of it, one does wonder why they don't fix it ...

Defying gravity in Python and Visual Studio Code

If you use Visual Studio Code for Python, try importing this module:

Import antigravity

The module name appears in Intellisense, so must do something.


If you now run this program, it takes you here:

XKCD cartoon

A very relevant cartoon!

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