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Wise Owl versions of Wordle in Power BI, Python and Excel
The Wordle bandwagon is rolling fast downhill, but we managed to board it. This blog shows one Wise Owl's current stats, and links to our Power BI, Python and Excel VBA versions of this web-based word game.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 January 2022

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Wordle and Wise Owl

You've probably already played Wordle:

Wordle game

You have up to 6 goes to guess a five-letter word. Yellow means that a letter exists, but not in this position; green means that you've guessed the correct letter in the correct position.

The game is made more interesting by the fact that a word can include repeats of the same letter.

My experience of Wordle

Here are my current Wordle statistics:

Wordle statistics

5 guesses is my most common result, although I've never (yet) needed that final 6th guess.

Wordle in other formats

Wise Owl being who we are, we couldn't resist seeing if we could get Wordle working in different formats.  Try these:

Format Notes
Power BI Power BI doesn't lend itself well to Wordling; it's a tribute to Sam that he got this working at all!
Python No glossy interface for this one sadly, although it is functional.
VBA / Excel An astonishingly authentic Wordle game, which operates just like the real thing (including serving up the right words, using JavaScript code contained in the original Wordle site).

It would undoubtedly be possible to create Wordle also in C#, Visual Basic, Word (using user forms), Access and even SQL (although the user interface might be a bit primitive for this last one), but you have to draw the line somewhere ...

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