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Need a short diversion? Here our 5 random sites to amuse, plus one bonus one
Some of the sites on this page will make you laugh, and some make you shake your head, but they should all entertain you for a moment or two!

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 September 2021

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Five random websites of interest, plus a bonus

While trawling through the Internet we often find sites of interest (at least to us, anyway).  Here are a few of them!

For when you need cheering up

The nicedad website just offers clean, short jokes (if you've been on one of Sam's courses, you'll know the style):

Sample of humour

A sample showing the type of joke you'll see - click to refresh!

For when you want inspiration

Benjamin Righetti may only be an organist in Lausanne, but his website's design and effects are amazing:

Benjamin Rignetti website

Keep scrolling - it's worth getting to the intermission, when you can compose your own organ music.

For when you're feeling nostalgic

If you're over a certain age, you'll remember the million-pixel website.  Alex Tew, the founder, made nearly a million dollars selling off pixels one small block at a time.  Here's what it looks like now:

Million dollar website

The menu doesn't work and many of the links no longer take you to the right place, but the last pixel block was sold on EBay in 2006 to complete the page.

There's a good history of the website (and summary of what the founder is doing now) here.

For when you just need to wiggle your mouse a bit

The Staggering Beauty website is hard to describe, but easy to experience - just go to the site and wiggle your mouse!

Wiggle your mouse

Be careful not to wiggle too much, or you get a stroboscopic effect ...

For when you need something to read

This site recommends that you should always judge a book by its cover.  Although it's not always in the best possible taste, some of the titles made us laugh out loud in the office!

How to talk to your cat

One of the many excellent books featured.


The ultimate time-wasting site though is this one, which continually generates (as the name promises) useless - but entertaining - websites.

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