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What to do with your IKEA bags?
The IKEA blue Frakta shopping bag is iconic, and everywhere. Here are 5 suggestions (not always totally serious) for how you can recycle your IKEA bags!

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

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What to do with your IKEA bags?

Most people will recognise IKEA's iconic Frakta shopping bag, which you can buy on their website:

Buy online

Amusingly, you can add a bag to your bag (for under 5 pounds, too).

However, what should you do with the left-over blue bags which are cluttering up your house?  Below are some ideas ...

A Swedish folk costume

This is, I believe, Heidi Mattson, who created a wedding dress out of 5 IKEA bags:

Wedding dress

I can't find the original source for this - the closest I can get is this article from UMGAS magazine explaining the challenges involved!


A bikini

This is part of a line of summer clothing from IKEA Hackers:

IKEA bikini

The bikini top is (apparently) made out of oven mitts, although I think that's cheating.


The basis of a work-out routine

Andrew Connor of Reebok has created 12 different fitness routines that you can do with an IKEA bag:

Fitness workout

Again I wasn't able to source the original webpage for this, but you can see the videos and link to Andrew Connor's Instagram page here.


A hat 

This site wins extra points for not only showing the results, but for explaining how to attain them:

IKEA hat

You can also learn how to make an IKEA bag knapsack, raincoat and phone holder on this site.


Walking boot 

This is possibly the only halfway sensible suggestion on this page!

IKEA boot

This IKEA boot came from this Instagram account.


Or you could do what we do with leftover IKEA bags: leave them in a mess under the stairs for years and years ...

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