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Project yourself on your shared screen in Teams
You can now share your screen in Teams, and have your floating head appearing on top of it (the effect is weird if you're the presenter).

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 July 2021

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Project yourself on your shared screen in Teams

In Teams you can now show your own face while you're sharing your screen, although if you've over a certain age (like me - choose an age, and I'm over it), you might prefer not to:

Projected person

It's very strange seeing yourself bobbing about on the screen you're sharing!

Here I am again, this time sharing my desktop:

Sharing desktop

That's quite enough pictures of the author!

To share your screen like this, first choose to share it in Teams as normal:

Sharing your screen

Click on the icon to share your screen as usual.


Now choose to stand out!

Stand out icon

Click on the icon shown above to make your image stand out on top of the projected screen.

Choose whether you want to save your window or just a single screen and proceed as normal!

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