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The ridiculously wide Samsung CRG9 49" monitor
How wide is too wide when it comes to a computer monitor? Perhaps the answer depends on the size of your desk, but you'll need plenty of space for this monster.

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 June 2021

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A ridiculously wide computer monitor!

Having looked at tiny to titanic computers in previous newsletters, it's time to look at silly-sized peripherals:

Samsung ultra-wide monitor

The Samsung CRG9 is absurdly wide.

This 49" monitor is specially designed for gaming and has a resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels, adding up to two normal-size monitors: 


Two normal monitors

This diagram shows just how big the Samsung monitor is.

Here's an image from a TechRadar review to give you a sense of scale:

Monitor in use

Who needs a second monitor when you can show all of your programs in one go on this one?

If you want to expand your horizons (!) you can find more details at Samsung's site.

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